Created in 1992 by Dr. Lawrence Shulman, first director of the NIAMS, the purpose of this program was to encourage young students to pursue a career in the biomedical sciences. This program provides a unique opportunity for NIAMS and the adopted school to enter into a cooperative relationship to assist students, teachers, and school administrators in developing a better appreciation of science and science-related careers. Current schools include:

  • Wilson High School (Washington, DC)
  • Wheaton High School (Wheaton, MD)
  • Largo High School (Upper Marlboro, MD)
  • Suitland High School (Forestville, MD)

In an effort to expand our program, we have included the following schools:

  • Anacostia High School (Washington, DC)
  • Benjamin Banneker High School (Washington, DC)
  • Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (Washington, DC)

For more information, or to suggest additional outreach activities, please contact Robert Walker, Career Development and Outreach Branch at 301-402-2533 or

Last Updated: August 2019